Kaho Minagawa Hoop Difficulty – 2019 GP Moscow









『Clematis RGVideos』さん
「Kaho Minagawa Hoop Difficulty – 2019 GP Moscow」です。

Kaho Minagawa Hoop AA 2019 GP Moscow
皆川夏穂 フープ

Credits video :
Beauty in Sport Youtube channel


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  1. 2020 04.27

    SHOW-YA – 紅

    • LMT 808
    • 2020年 5月3日

    I am a big fan of Kaho Minagawa she is beautiful and so talented gymnast!
    Also I am Japanese who lives in USA. I know her circumstance and struggles while she trained in Russia.
    So proud of her! Go for it 🇯🇵2020 Tokyo Olympic❣️

    • Nayenne RG
    • 2020年 5月3日

    Beautiful Routine… Love it. SO elegant. But, at 0:27 she does backscale balance on flat, not on releve. So it's 0.2+0.4 instead of 0.2+0.5

    • Samuel RG
    • 2020年 5月3日

    Her movements match her routine so beautifully! Very delicate and expressive gymnast!

    • Victoria S.
    • 2020年 5月3日

    Can you do one of Nevi’s routines?
    Thank you for your work 😍

    • Niko Aertes
    • 2020年 5月3日


    • Nanda Carpada
    • 2020年 5月3日

    Hope she keeps this routine next year

    • gemma aton
    • 2020年 5月3日

    sounds like brave heart music

    • TaeTaeLove
    • 2020年 5月3日

    I just love her, she is so beautiful

    • Alma Garces
    • 2020年 5月3日

    Yuzuru Hanyu music 😍

    • roblox maniac danceand shake
    • 2020年 5月3日

    She has such beautiful strong lines… Brilliantly beautiful routine…she only gets better and more confident in herself… Amazing to see such progression from this artist!

    • Fran Blasco
    • 2020年 5月3日

    This is a beautiful routine.

    Also: Kahoop Minagawa

    • Alessandro Aiello
    • 2020年 5月3日

    I think this music suits her perfectly but the routine isn't well connected (Soldatova mood)

    • Rhythmic Gymnast
    • 2020年 5月3日

    I think her first risk should be 0.8 because she catches in rotation

    • Rhythmic Gymnast
    • 2020年 5月3日

    I love Kaho she is my favourite gymnast beside Soldatova and Selezneva❤

    • Clematis RGVideos
    • 2020年 5月3日

    If anyone is wondering the music name : it's View of Silence and Asian Dream Song from Joe Hisaishi.

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